Harp and Story

Ariel, Israel– September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

Ariel Israel–“The Settlements” as far as the rest fo the world thinks. We slept last night, and will for the next 3 weeks, in a home where a young man was severely injured from a bomb explosion. At one time it was not even known if he would live. There are still evidences of the blast present today, “momentos” of the battle that continues between different world views. Everything becomes REAL in this environment, raw and palpable. I sit here this morning, reading the Torah Parasha for this week in Devarim//Deuteronomy 30 and YHWH promises a full restoration of “All Israel” to the “Full Land” that He promised to Avraham, Issac and Yaakov. This includes even more than prescribed by Israel’s present borders–Much More! This pressure from the nations of the world to diminish the borders of “The Land” is met with YHWH’s promise to expand the borders–to restore all things– to bring back “All Israel” (those who chose to follow His Torah as their halacha/pathway–who chose to make teshuva/repent from the world and its systems and turn back to YHWH). This is what YHWH promises and prophecies to do for those who choose life and blessing instead of death and cursing. These choices are very real here. If you choose to follow YHWH’s Torah, which He promises Life and blessing for, you could actually be killed for that choice by someone with an alternate world view. They may even think that they are doing YHWH a favor. Yashua tells us this would happen.

So by choosing life you might actually die. What a paradox. How can this make any sense? Yashua further tells us if we are willing to loose our lives, we will save them. Now we begin to see that our focus must be turned away from this confused system of Babylon–the world, and we must refocus on the eternal of what YHWH has promised. Even here in Israel, we see a lot of Babylon. The way people dress, the hectic scurrying around, the honking of horns to get moving, the desperate commercialism of the marketplace; all these and more are evident here in Israel as signs of the Babylonian (confusion) system. In order to leave Babylon, you don’t go to a geographic place, you must cut it away from your heart. You must recognize the things that take your focus away from His kingdom and cause you to look at what man does and away from what YHVH does. This is Babylon and it is different for every person.

The people we continue to pick up at the airport are dear folk. We have met many of them at the Family Week the Waller family conducted this spring in Kentucky. Many of them have returned to the land, having harvested before, but others are here for the first time, eyes wide open with wonder as they walk this ancient land. There is a common bond–servanthood. We have all come to serve our brother/sister Yahudah/Jews. We believe it is more important to live a sermon to them than to preach one with words. They must see our love for them more than hear us speak words that can be easily misunderstood. We must make them ask “why are you doing this?” We must not expect anything from them in return. We have come to LOVE Yahudah, and that is all.

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