Harp and Story

Harvest– September 12, 2009

Harvest September 12, 2009
We have come here for the harvest of grapes on Mt. Gerizim (the Mount of Blessings) in Samaria, Israel. This is disputed territory within the West Bank that is being held by a small community of both Samaritans and Jews. They believe that this is a land YHWH has given them and they will not leave it willingly if the rest of the world tells them it is to belong to someone else.
A funny thing about grapes is that they are not ready to be harvested until there is enough sugar developed within the grapes (called the brix) to produce the right mix for crushing into wine. If you pick too soon, the wine will be inferior or wasted. So we must wait until the brix is sufficient for a good vintage of wine. This is totally up to the grapes and the sun exposure, soil conditions and water availability. We can not hurry it along. It will happen when it happens and not a moment sooner.
It seems that we have come too early, but this is the way it should be. When the harvest is ready, we will be ready–until then–we watch and wait and do other things that need to be done. We occupy ourselves on a day to day basis, ready to drop everything and begin the harvest at a moments notice. The owner of the vineyard will give us the word.
There is much to learn here about how we are to be in readiness for the “The Harvest” of YHWH. He tells us that there is a “fulness of the gentiles” that will be completed and then the signal will be given for the harvest to begin. YHWH is waiting, and so are we, for a “Brix” number so that He can begin to harvest His vineyard and start the “crush” for the new vintage of wine. We as His bondslaves must be working at our assigned tasks, ready to drop everything at a moments notice, and begin the harvest. That is why we must be diligent to shed the entanglements of Babylon now so that we are free to be in the watching and waiting mode–able to drop everything when the harvest command goes forth.
For now, we watch and wait. Waiting in readiness–Watching the events that unfold in the world around us, and watching in readiness for the signal to begin “The harvest”. Even so, come Yashua. For today, our task is to rest, for it is Shabbat. Even in the work around the harvest, there is rest. Praise YHWH!

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