Harp and Story

More Lessons from Weeds

Pulling Weeds

September 23, 2009
Today was another lesson from pulling weeds. We were sent out into an olive orchard to pull weeds out from under the trees before they were harvested so that the canvas they spread to catch the olives will lie flat and there won’t be any olives roll off and be wasted. It seems like such a simple thing, and the drudgery of pullling the weeds so disinteresting, especially when there are grapes to be picked already. But today, we have been given the assignment of pulling the weeds and that is what we will do–happily; with a smile on our face.
Area Near Shiloh
The first lesson to be observed out of these circumstances is the lesson of following the Master’s orders; regardless of what we would rather be doing. As bondslaves of Yeshua, our only concern is, what is the task the Master has set us about to accomplish. It really doesn’t matter what we may want to do. What we set our hand to accomplish is what He has given us to do. That’s it, period. We must trust that He knows what is needed more than we can know. He has a larger perspective and more information than we do, so even if we don’t understand why we are doing what we have been commanded to do, we can go ahead and do it, trusting that He knows why, and that’s good enough for us. Just obey, don’t worry about the results. Don’t get caught up in the solutions, just set about doing the task at hand.
One of Many Olive Orchards in the Land
Another lesson is the lesson of fellowship. As we worked under the olive trees, on our knees, dirt under our fingernails, we visited. We told each other our stories and histories and shared our testimonies. Time passed pleasantly and lunch came around quickly. I was reminded of the passage in Revelation that says that the saints overcame by the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb and did not lover their lives even unto death. The power of the “Word of their testimony” took on a new dimention as we shared our testimonies under the olive trees. I could see how we were strengthened as we shared. We gained new spiritual insite and knowledge through each other’s experience. We became more unified and formidable in spiritual warfare as we prayed together.
A Local Observes our Work Quality
The other lesson I would like to share is the understanding of how destructive weeds can be. They sometimes intertwine their roots among the olive trees so tightly that it is vertually impossible to get them separated. Others of them snap off at ground level as you are trying to pull them and it is certain that they will return in full force in the spring. These roots that remain, will continue to propgate and pull food and water from the soil, depleting what is available for the desired tree and crop. Some of the weeds are vicious thorns that scratch our arms frequently and sometimes penetrate our gloves, leaving thorns in our fingers and hands that have to be extracted before comfort can return. My left arm that pulls the weeds back so I can get at the roots is a mass of scratches after having pulled weeds for several days now. Sin causes pain and injury. The enemy seeks to rob, kill and destroy.
Tomorrow, we go back to harvest grapes again. This time we go to Shiloh, to a vineyard that we will pick for the first time. They are excited we are coming and amazed that we would come so far, and then cross into the West Bank to help them. We are truely being a blessing to our brothers and sisters of Yahudah and they are visibly moved. It is worth it all!

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