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Back in Ariel, Israel

Tommy and Sherri Waller–Harvest Masters!

November 6, 2009
The rain has come in earnest to The Land. We are told that this amount is unusual for Israel. What a blessing it is!. We were visiting with one of the vineyard owners last evening and he said he doesn’t use an umbrella because he just wants to get soaked by the blessings of the rain. What a concept. He is the same one that was dancing with us in the vineyard the day we showed up and brought in his crop that he thought he was going to loose because he couldn’t find any pickers and the sugar was starting to go too high. He said that when we walked into his vineyard, he knew HaShem had answered his prayer–a real Succot miracle; like Ushpitzim 2!
These kind of miracles and movings of YHWH have been regular events while here in the land. When you come to this land and make yourself available for YHWH to work through, divine appointments begin to happen. We have become expectant –waiting for the next thing that YHWH wants to show us.
One of Our Divine Appointments
There are quiet times too so there isn’t always something “happening”; but even then there is usually something to do or hear or observe. Even the pounding of the rain seems to have a spiritual component. YHWH said that this land would not be like Egypt where they irrigated from the Nile River. This land would be watered with the rains that He would send as long as His people would gaurd/shomer His commands found in Torah. The coming of these intense rains may signal a new level of seriousness for Torah among the people of Israel. An article in Jerusalem Post stated that a Moral Majority had for the first time been identified in Israel. How interesting!
One of Our Last Gatherings Before Leaving the Land
We are starting to see the main group that has been here in Ariel dwindle to less than 20 now. It has been sad to say goodbye to so many people we now consider to be family. There has been a sense of community here that has been so rich and unexpected and wonderful. There have been so many servant hearts displayed here, and I think to myself, “how incredible it would be to be able to live like this all the time.” But sadly, other demands have called these dear ones back to their previous lives for the time being. The Kingdom millineum becomes more and more attractive as time and events go on. We must be ready for that soon to be reality. Come soon Meshiach!
We have been in meetings with various vineyard owners and managers over the past few days. There are many opportunities opening up with all of them and most likely others to follow. It seems that this platform of blessing Israel through agriculture is really finding a home in the hearts of the farmers here. It is exciting to hear the proposals for expansion as we sit around the tables. With about 100 people coming this year, the planning for next year will start soon and it seems that we will have to step it up a notch and be prepared for more people going to more vineyards and olive orchards next year. I strongly encourage you to begin to prepare now to be one of them. Your life will never be the same if you do.
Shaking Down the Olives in Shilo–or Resting?
After the rains, we have spent some time in the olive orchards near Shilo picking olives that will be pressed for oil. It was great raking the olives off the branches onto the netting we had laid on the ground to catch them. It was kind of like brushing tangled hair but at least the trees didn’t cry from pulling the hair! We are even being asked if there might be the ability to work other harvests like dates, so who knows where this all goes. As long as YHWH is in charge and we are obedient, anything is possible.
Olive Orchard on Mt. Gerazim
We have been challenged deeply personally these last weeks as well. Our up front statement has been that we are committed to be a blessing to Israel no matter what, and circumstances have unfolded that have challenged us to the core of this commitment. We have been shown one more way that we see things differently than those who follow a rabbi above what Torah says. It has hurt deeply and challenged us profoundly as to whether we really can live what we have said. With YHWH’s grace and power in our lives, I believe that we will take the next step. As He draws us into more responsibility, He shows us what we need to work on to make the journey unencombered. Pray with us for the strength and wisdom to make the right choices and actions.
We have had our eyes opened wider while in The Land, and can’t wait to share with you all our observations as we come back to the US. If you would like to set up a time of sharing with your group please contact us at peregrinnatti@yahoo.com and we’ll set something up. There are many ideas and opportunities that we can not list here that we would love to share with you. Until then be blessed and Shalom.

One thought on “Back in Ariel, Israel”

  1. I'm enjoying reading about the trip from many people's diferent perspectives and seeing all the photos!! Hope Miss Shirley is feeling better?! Have a wonderful rest of your time over there & a safe flight back! Julia Ann


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