Harp and Story

January 5, 2010
When Father puts a trip together for us He seems to do it without a lot of advance warning. Trips for us seem to come together with a “suddenly” air about them. This one is no different except for the fact that there was an element of waiting associated with this one. A strange paradox – suddenly and waiting working together. Psalm 27:14 Wait on YHVH: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on YHVH. Psalm 27 is the “Everyday” psalm, so we have been reading it everyday along with the daily psalm and a chapter in Proverbs for our morning devotion together. Anyway, the last verse, quoted above has been impressing our minds and hearts with the absolute necessity of waiting on YHVH. Waiting is not something that western society does well. We are more into instant gratification. So… the road trip is suddenly coming together, the schedule is being confirmed, the bags are being packed and then comes the waiting test. The landlord of the property where our dogs were so well taken care of by our friend Terry while we were in Israel has suffered a mild heart attack. She has spent the week in the hospital and has not yet given permission for Ginny and Cricket to come spend 6 weeks with Terry who lives on her land. What do we do? Terry suggested the only and best option, really, and that was to keep praying and wait. So we prayed and we waited. Monday was the hardest day to keep waiting as we were planning on leaving Tuesday in order to make our first engagement Wednesday evening in Colorado. I started coming up with alternate suggestions, but none of them were really workable and I even called a few people and put subtle hints out there, but no one bit. So we waited. At 9:00 Monday evening Terry called saying he had permission for the dogs to come. We wasted no time getting everyone in the car and driving the hour and a half to his place. By 11:00p.m. we were headed back home dropping into bed about 12:40a.m. Since the car was full of dog stuff we spent Tuesday morning packing trip stuff and finally locked the gate at 12:15p.m. Spent the night in Wendover, Nevada, got a nice, clean hotel room for $25.00, can’t do much better than that on the road except for staying with great friends like you all!!!
It was a beautiful sunrise this morning as you can see and we’ll be posting more sunrise pictures at the top of each blog entry. Enjoy them as we travel together on this great adventure!
Blessings, Shirley

2 thoughts on “”

  1. Dear Steve and Shirley, We have prayed for you and the dogs. So glad to hear everything worked out for them. When can you come back to Canada? If you are on the road we hope the road leads back here some day. Thank you for keeping us posted.

    Warm shalom,
    Kim & Holly Mitchell


  2. May our Heavenly Father grant you safety and to bless and be blessed along the way, to His glory, all according to His will.

    Love in our Savior,

    Charley Wambolt


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