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Exotic Birds and a Ballet Concert

Exotic Birds and a Ballet Concert

A new bunch of pollens have both Steve and me coughing and sneezing and blowing as we explore the delights of Australia in the springtime.  Last week Angela’s folks took us and the grandkids to a park in The Ranges where we spent the afternoon picnicking and feeding sulfur-crested cockatoos and rosellas.

A Rosella Comes to Visit

We brought our own bird food to feed them at our picnic table, but we soon learned that the rules had changed and now you had to buy a ticket that allowed you to go into a particular area and feed the birds in that one place with a small amount of food that your pricey ticket provided.  Back in the 90’s when my son Gabriel and I were raising exotic parrots we wanted to bring some cockatoos into our aviary, but they

Cockatoo Feeding Time

were so expensive we never acquired any; so it was a thrill to finally be so close to them, to feed them and watch their antics as they crawled up the feeder’s arms to better position themselves for the feed bowl. When the food was gone we watched them fly off – 30 or so of them – to the neighboring gum trees where they settled down awaiting the next round of tourists, their raucous cries filling the warm afternoon air.  I am still delighted by them!

Isabelle and Angela getting ready for the ballet concert

Last evening we were treated with tickets to the Grand Gala Annual Ballet Concert.  I have only been to one ballet concert in my life and that was to see The Nutcracker at the Oakland Theater several years ago.  This evening’s concert was no less special and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it as it was our granddaughter Isabelle’s first ballet concert. She and several dozen other little tots all dressed in stiff net skits of various colors jumped and hopped and skipped about the stage to extremely loud music that was supposed to represent the sounds of the Australian bush. She was so excited, grinning from ear to ear the entire time.  We kept waving to her, but with the lighting as it was she was unable to see us. The audience had been warned beforehand not to call out to any particular child as that might disrupt their concentration so being good parents and grandparents we waved and smiled and encouraged her in our hearts and afterwards bought her an ice-cream!

This morning - it really was too early to get up!

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