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Worship Week – WOW!

Worship Week – WOW!

Theresa Bates of Adonai Dance Ministries and Aline and Howie of Mishkanim.com joined us, The Peregrinnatti, for a week of swimming in the River of YHVH with Y’Shua.  What a delightful time we had with our Bridegroom!  The first few days we engaged in warfare worship and dancing, but by 3rd night the brass ceiling was broken and the windows of heaven poured their bounty out on us.  We experienced His presence through the spoken word, songs, hymns and spiritual songs, prayers and requests and answers from The Throne.  He truly did send us help from the sanctuary!  Isaiah 61:3  “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of YHVH, that He might be glorified.”

A Few of the Many Memorable Moments:

Always with a smile and a hug, she had spent the better part of the evening dancing with flags.  But at the end of the evening, like the rest of us in the room, she grew quiet, overcome by the weightiness of the Ruach’s presence.  Bowed down in the front corner of the sanctuary she suddenly began to sing.  I recognized the tune as Amazing Grace even though I could only understand an occasional word, but it was the passion with which she sang that sp mesmerized me.  She and Y’Shua were having a private moment that I was privileged and yes, almost embarrassed to share in its intimacy.  At the end of her song she wept, overcome by the majesty and tenderness of her Savior’s presence.  She is Rachel and she has Down’s Syndrome, but that mattered not to her Beloved.

He had had a stroke and then the seizures began.  He didn’t feel like he had anything to contribute, nothing made sense anymore, he couldn’t connect things, his brain no longer worked as it once had.  “I’m just a shell of a man,” he said.  And then one morning during worship the Ruach took this broken vessel and poured through him with words that witnessed to us the incredible love and wisdom and direction that only the Ruach can give.  We watched him change from disconnectedness to engagement as the Ruach continued to use him as a mouthpiece for our Savior’s words to us throughout the week. And then the night Theresa taught a flags class he got up and waved the flags in worship that was heartfelt and connected.  His face was radiating joy!  This was a recurring theme of the worship week and the week that followed; increasing levels of joy!

Theresa and I prayed for the dance team at their request.  “We are heavily burdened,” they said.  “Please pray for us, we have been under so much attack and grief and difficulty.”  As we began to pray our good and gracious heavenly Father released words of healing and authority and affirmation to each individual.  I gave a word to one young man from Job 1:8, and immediately upon the release of the word I said to him, do not say that if I only knew what you had done, the life you had lived I would never say that you are “a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil.”  He stared at me with incredulity and then began to laugh in surprise as the reality of YHVH became indisputable for him.

It was amazing to be partakers of so much transformation.  The week began with a heaviness of heart and soul, but as we pressed in the heaviness and mourning turned to dancing and joy.  Erev Shabbat’s Selah Service was unlike any Selah Service we have participated in so far, (even though we have had some awesome Selah Services!) Near the end of the service “Waves of Glory”, a flagging ministry, were undulating a large billow during the song Pure Bride by Leeland. By the unction of the Ruach people from the congregation began running under the arched billow turning it into a Hoopa.  Soon everyone (minus three) were joining hands and crossing under the billows turned Hoopa, over and over again they crossed under the Hoopa. We just couldn’t get enough; we wanted the night to last forever.  What a glorious touch the Father gave us that evening of Himself!

It wasn’t over when “Standing in the Light” worship week concluded on the 23rd.  We stayed for an extra week and the joy just continued to grow.  We danced and flagged and taught classes on dancing and flagging and weapons of our warfare and musical frequencies and we told stories and more stories.  We ministered with harp and story for the local soup kitchen on the 25th and what a joy that was.  Check out the article written about that occasion here: http://www.lakecityjournal.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=9527&SectionID=13&SubSectionID=73&S=1

Nothing was planned for the evening of December 28, but the Kol HaMashiach congregation wanted an Erev Shabbat service like the one we had had the previous week.  “We’ll start at 5:30 like before, welcoming the Shabbat, then a pot blessing dinner with worship after the meal.”  They wanted this – so we eagerly agreed. How can I describe to you the incredible beauty and loveliness of that evening?!  Everyone was eager, expectant, joyful and excited to be a part of whatever the Ruach was planning for them.  What had been started the previous week was still with us and it was growing, no one could stop it and everyone was affected by it – the Spirit of YHVH was among us and we were being changed!  Oh my!! Could it be more wonderful…  and then one by one and then by two’s and then the entire congregation began to engage the Ruach with songs and psalms and spiritual songs, words, praise in dance and flags, prayers, scripture; it was beautiful and inspiring and life-changing.  Worshippers came forward and shared their talent and one talent became two and five talents became ten and no one buried their talents that night.  We laughed and cried, we lifted our hands and bowed our heads, and we worshipped the King of Kings with adoration and in wonderment.  Who wanted it to end? We all lingered and lingered still longer.

We have made new life-long friends of the heart; and it is with joy in our hearts that we take our leave of Lake City, Florida for we have seen the hand of YHVH move in the midst of His people and we are once again awed by His goodness on behalf of His children!

To YHVH be the glory; great things He has done!