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Another Look at the Omer

Another Look at the Omer

Passover and the week of Unleavened Bread have passed and we are now in the 4th of the 50 days of the counting of the Omer which culminates in the Feast of Shavuot or what is more commonly known as Pentecost.  What is the purpose behind YHVH’s command to count the Omer?   Do these 50 days of the counting of the Omer tie Unleavened Bread to Shavuot?   And if they do what is the significance of this time frame?  I’ve heard a lot of theories, teachings and traditions, but frankly, they have all left me dissatisfied.  Surely there has got to be a better reason for this appointed time than what I have heard thus far.

I believe trials and tribulations come to our lives for a purpose.  When we got back home from being out of country for almost three months, we discovered that our home had been broken into and we had been robbed.  A whole flood of feelings wash over you in a time like that; not the least among them anger, you feel like you have been personally violated.  Our discovery happened a week before Passover.  I got a sudden and unexpected look at the “leaven” in my life; even more discouraging was the realization that even though I had dealt in the past with those “leaven” issues there they were again, needing to be cleaned out one more time.  As I spent the next few days fussing and fuming about my losses, the voice of YHVH whispered in my ear, “How many times do you want to go around this mountain?”  (Refer to Deuteronomy 2:3)  As I thought about that question I realized that every year we go through our cupboards and take out everything that has leaven in it.  When the week of Unleavened Bread ends we are quick to bring those all back into the house; like long-lost friends we rejoice over their return!  I think we do this in our personal self as well.  We clean up our personal self and then as time goes on we fall back into old patterns and ways of doing and thinking and saying things until one day we wake up and realize that – oh my goodness – where’d all that “leaven” come from? It’s time to clean out the leaven…and around the mountain we go again!

I am wondering if YHVH has given us the 50 days of the counting of the Omer between First Fruits and Shavuot as an opportunity for us to move away from the mountain we have been circling – for who knows how long – and turn northward?  Northward for the Israelites was in the direction of the Promised Land, the land where YHVH would feed them on the finest of food, where He would place His Name and abide with them forever.  I want that. I want to stop circling this mountain and turn northward.  How about you?  For the remaining days of the counting of the Omer I am taking a journey, come and join me and let’s taste and see…is YHVH really good? (Refer to Psalm 34:8)