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Does the End Justify the Means?

Does a goal justify an, ‘at any cost’ route to win the prize?

Probably one of the best examples of, ‘does the end justify the means’ is found in the story of King David and the wife of one of his mighty men, Uriah. At the time when kings go out to war David decided to stay home and send his men to fight without him. With time on his hands David takes a late night walk on his veranda and from there sees a beautiful woman bathing herself. Wow! Who is she, he wonders; and then, in his lust, sends one of his servants to bring her to him. It appears not to matter to David that she is married, and to one of his mighty men; he wants her!

After she informs him that she has become pregnant by him, David attempts to cover-up his misdeed, but to no avail and in the end he purposely devises the murder of Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah. (This story is found in 2Samuel 11.)

YHVH didn’t think much of David’s scheme; through a prophet He sent word to David that the child would not live and from there on David’s kingdom began to decline. YHVH doesn’t think much of those who take matters into their own hands in an attempt to obtain a desired outcome; in fact, He specifically, from Mount Sinai, wrote on two tablets of stone 10 Words or more commonly called commandments for how He expected man to live with Him and with their fellow man. Of the 10 commandments the 9th one clearly states, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” This is YHVH telling us not to lie.

I recently read a Facebook post called, “9 Sins the Church is Okay with”.  Fear, Apathy, Gluttony, Worry, Flattery, Comfort, Consumerism, Patriotism, and number nine Lying. Quoting, “Lying is so socially acceptable, even in Christian circles, that it often goes undetected. We’re desensitized to it. And here’s why this is dangerous for Christians.

“There’s a rarely-discussed passage in Matthew 5:33-37 where Jesus confronts the Pharisees about oaths. Most Americans only hear the word oath when a celebrity lies in court (under oath). But Jesus isn’t talking about oaths in this passage.

“He is talking about INTEGRITY.

“Here’s what Jesus is saying. You should live with such high integrity that your word doesn’t need attachments to make it legitimate. So, typical phrases like, “I promise,” “I swear,” and “I put it on my mom’s grave,” should never come from your mouth.

“…you say things all the time and never follow through. You lie to stay out of trouble. You lie to get ahead. Sometimes you lie just to lie.

“Jesus said there’s no place for that if you’re a Christian. Your word matters. If you say something, God expects you to do it. It’s better to tell the truth and lose your job than lie and keep it.

“How serious is this? Jesus says anything more than our word is from the evil one, Satan. That’s real.” (By Frank Powell)

With all this in mind let’s take this discussion to the presidential race. Those who supported Ted Cruz for president are upset because they feel he was unfairly drummed out of the race. The vitriol has been amazing to see and read; all sorts of dooms-day predictions that America will suffer judgment for denying the anointed of God his rightful place to bring America back from the brink of disaster and favoring instead a candidate that will surely spell destruction for America. Trump supporters are called lazy, good-for-nothing drunks, vilified as non- Christians, anti-American, God-haters, the rhetoric is highly inflammatory; even the past Bush presidents are saying that they will not support the presumptive nominee. Let’s face it, Donald Trump is far from perfect, he is an unknown on the political scene, what He will actually do remains to be seen, but why such intense hatred?

But, back to the question, does the end justify the means… What makes all of this so interesting to me is that Ted Cruz states, emphatically, that he is a born-again Christian. He has allowed pastors to lay hands on him and prophetically declare him to be the anointed of God. He claims that God spoke through his wife Heidi and gave him a clear directive to run for the office of president of these United States. Now, if all of this is true, why did he drop out of the race after the Indiana primary? If you are so sure that God has called and anointed you to a specific task, then why quit running before you have reached the end of the race?

Are Ted Cruz’s political aspirations built on a lie?

Scripture says God does not change His mind like a man does; Numbers 23:19, “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” If YHVH says something, it stands; just because we might not like His word doesn’t mean that we can ignore it or change it to suit our purposes. To do so is at our own peril.

On January 3,2013, Ted Cruz was sworn into the U.S. Senate. Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution has the following requirements for a seat in the U.S. Senate; “No person shall be a senator who shall not have obtained the age of thirty years, and been nine years a citizen of the United States and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state for which he shall be chosen.”  In order to appear on the Texas ballot for U.S. Senate in 2012, Cruz had to file an application with both the Texas Republican Party and Texas Secretary of State (the chief elections officer in the state) swearing under oath that he meets these requirements. If his statements on that application were false, if he did not meet those requirements, then he committed “fraud” all the way back to 2012. (Taken from News With Views, May 4, 2016, by JB Williams)

Even though Ted Cruz’s mother at the time of his birth was an American citizen, the necessary documentation, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, was not filed. Ted Cruz did not give up his Canadian citizenship until May 14, 2014, prompting this comment from his wife in Indiana she said, “Ted is an immigrant to the USA,” born in Canada and remained a Canadian for 43 years, until he decided to seek the office of president of the United States.

Ted Cruz did not disclose his legal Canadian citizenship to the Texas Election Officials or to the Texas voters in 2012 and to date he has not offered any evidence of legal U.S. citizenship. Which causes me to say that Ted Cruz’s political aspirations are based on a lie. How can YHVH honor a lie, it would be against His nature to bless some who lie and bring destruction on others. Who would want to serve a fickle god like that? This willy-nilly, wishy-washy kind of god is what the pagans serve. The God that I serve is absolute! He changes not! What He said, He will do! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! He is Almighty, All Knowing, All Present! He says to His children, “Be holy as I AM holy!”

Ted Cruz supporters, you that are so upset, frustrated, anxious for your future, look up and give thanks to YHVH for His mercy and pray for Ted Cruz and his family. Things done in darkness will be revealed in the light; nothing will remain hidden, for YHVH will not be mocked.

The end does not justify the means! It never has and it never will. Foul play always has consequences.

But… You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free!

One thought on “Does the End Justify the Means?”

  1. A few thoughts come to mind.

    I very much agree that integrity is key…which is one reason I have difficulty with several candidates.

    Regarding Ted Cruz. I am saddened to hear how some of his supporters are behaving. I have seen little, if any, of this. I have, however, seen and experienced this kind of thing from Trump’s supporters. As believers, it is inexcusable regardless of what candidate a person supports.

    The Consular Report of Birth Born Abroad is not required. The SCOTUS has already ruled that a child cannot be denied his/her rights due to an error of the parents. It is also my understanding that he did not even realize until he was a Canadian citizen while growing up. He moved here at a very early age. Once he did discover it, he filed the appropriate paperwork to let go of that.

    It is the job of the Attorney Generals of the states to make sure that people on their state’s ballot are eligible. Not all take that seriously. But there are at least 6, if not 7, who researched it thoroughly and came to the conclusion that he is eligible to run. Many Constitutional lawyers looked at it and came to the same conclusion. It is interesting that the ones who say otherwise are also writing a book. Hmm. I am also hesitant to believe anyone who makes a living writing conspiracy theories books. There is no clear evidence that Ted Cruz lied and to say otherwise endangers those speaking of using lashon hara.

    Regarding being G-d’s anointed…I have never seen or read that Ted believes that about himself. Now, his father may…I don’t know. I remember reading about people being up in arms about the “type” of ministers laying hands on him and prophesying. Then I read that Ted was not even there in that instance. It was his father’s idea and they laid hands on him by proxy in Ted’s absence. I do not know if it was the same instance of someone saying he was “G-d’s anointed” or not.

    But this I do know. There are many people out there claiming to be prophets who are not speaking Avinu’s words. And the person being prophesied over, whether in person or not, has no control over what comes out of that prophet’s mouth. Or over what people believe and run with. I have never heard or read that Ted himself believed he was G-d’s anointed. Until you mentioned it here, I did not know anyone had even said that.

    Regarding running. There is a difference between believing G-d told him to run versus believing He told him he would actually win. There are many times I have seen Avinu direct someone down a path where it was thought the end was obvious only to find that there was a lesson in the journey and the end of the path was not what was first thought.

    He believed he was directed to run. He did so. In his suspension speech, he said that he has always said he would run until the numbers made it clear that he was no longer a viable candidate. And that is exactly what he did.

    Personally, I think it could have been a test. Would we stand behind a true Constitutionalist with a proven track record, a true believer, or would we try to push him aside in favor of someone else. We, the people, have made our choice.

    Ted is known for his integrity. Every promise he made to Texans he has diligently fought to fulfill. He has a proven track record of saying what he means and doing what he says. Is he perfect? Far from it. He is, after all, a human being. But I am concerned about anyone being labeled a deceiver on such flimsy assertions. Not when there are alternative possibilities.

    As for Trump, we DO know what he can and most likely will do. He was a liberal for many, many years and supported liberal causes during those years. He has bragged about his adulteries with other men’s wives. He has openly stated that he has not asked G-d for forgiveness because he does not need to. And, no, I am not getting these from chopped up right wing reports. I watched the debates. I listened very carefully to what he said.

    He thinks Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization and believes (or says he believes) they only get 3% of their money from abortions. Yet, their records indicate it is 87%. That makes me wonder about the “experts” he is going to get to help him as President, if he gets that far.

    He says his sister (an extreme liberal) would make a great SC Justice. SCOTUS appointments are even more important than the Presidency itself since the impact will be for generations. There is a good possibility for 2-3 justices needing to be put in place during the next 4-8 years.

    Now that Ted is out of the running, it is interesting to see how quickly Trump is flipping back. While being “anti-abortion”, he now says we should have MORE exceptions for abortion. After saying he would lower taxes for the common person, he is now saying everyone is going to have to have their taxes raised.

    Ben Carson, in charge of finding him a VP, has openly said (without correction from DT) that there is a possibility DT will have a Democrat VP. It is irrelevant if he picks a D VP or not. The point is that he is willing to have one. That is just another of many indicators of where his real heart lies. And I could go on and on and on.

    So, yes, we can have a pretty good idea of what DT will do. He does not have to be a politician for usbto see the handwriting on the wall. We knew what was coming with Obama and told people…and were ignored. We were correct, though. We told people both times.

    Anyway, we are praying about how to handle the General Election. We are not putting Avinu in a box. But this we know. We have been saying it for years…if we do not repent as a nation and bring G-d back into the center of our personal lives and, by extension, into the center of our nation’s life, we will incur judgment. We are overly due for it.

    There are huge moves of the Holy Spirit in other nations and continents while we just keep sinking farther and farther into darkness. We murder our unborn at an astronomical rate, starve and murder the disabled, glorify sexual and gender confusion and penalize those who act on conscience. There is no way Avinu is going to allow this to keep going unchecked. At some point, He is going to call on us. Thankfully, He has been merciful…perhaps because we have been Israel’s staunchest ally. But that is also changing. And, no, just because Trump has a Jewish SIL does not mean he will be completely pro-Israel. He recently refused to tell his supporters to stop threatening Jewish reporters who are saying things he does not like. Remember, every time someone he thinks is “doing a wonderful job” says or does something he does not like, they suddenly become “liars”.

    If we do not repent, it will not matter who we get in office. It could be the most godly person on the planet. But it will not matter. Even the Founding Fathers in the 1700’s said that our Constitutional Republic form of government would only truly work with a people who served G-d. (Don’t have the exact quote.) But the idea is there. G-dless people will destroy this nation and this form of government will not hold them back. And that is what we see going on. We are post Constitutional and are continuing the Progressive march that started in the early 1900’s.

    Just my thoughts. We will keep praying for repentance and keep remembering our first citizenship is in His kingdom. We really don’t believe Avinu is as interested in our nation and its government as He is in people being in His kingdom. I believe this is especially the case as we see key events unfolding before our very eyes.

    May all of our spiritual eyes be opened to see the real story He has given us and may we tell the real story and may it be heard and received! May He be glorified above all else in our thoughts, speech and conduct!

    Many blessings,
    (Please forgive any typos from this servant’s hands.)


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