Harp and Story

Travel Journal 2018 — May 12

Yesterday was a traveling day for us; we are now in Hodgenville, Kentucky until Monday when we will re-locate to Eureka Campground just north of Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

We spent the evening with two masterful musicians. JT plays the guitar like it is a living thing and his wife Virginia is also super talented; playing the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, composing and singing her own music. Steve joined with his harp and I sat there and listened and tapped and clapped and wiped tears from my eyes — it was a beautiful evening!

When YHVH set us into full-time harp and story ministry 12 years ago He gave us our mission in 3 words; encourage, exhort, edify. What we do has never been about numbers, but sharing life lessons and experiences around the dinner table, in the comfort of living rooms, or in the shade of leafy trees on hot summer days, or before warm fires on cold, blustery days. If we are with 2 or 20 or 200 or 2000 it makes no difference, we come to sit and share with and listen to you! Connecting, building relationships; that’s the ministry of The Peregrinnatti.

Today we get to share harp and story with a group of people gathering this afternoon at Virginia and JT’s home and maybe even a bit from the conference we attended a couple of weeks ago. At the Transform conference in San Antonio, Texas, Greg Hawkins was one of the speakers; he shared a story that I want to do my best at sharing with you.

A fellow laden with a worrisome burden had sought Greg out for counseling; in the course of their time together Greg shared with the fellow the importance of living in the Present. Greg drew a diagram that looked something like this: Present

A day or so later Greg was driving home when he heard the Holy Spirit drop this word into his mind; “you drew the picture wrong.” “What!” Greg asked.

Again the Holy Spirit said to him, “you drew the picture wrong.”

“How am I suppose to draw it then,” Greg asked. “Like this” the Holy Spirit responded.

YHVH wants us to learn to live with Him NOW, moment by moment. He is in the Past and He is in the Future, but where He wants us to spend our time is with Him, right NOW in the Present. We can’t undo the Past, but He can heal it; we can’t control the Future, but He can direct our steps. But only if we walk moment by moment with HIM in the Present of NOW.Untitled

Shabbat Shalom!

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