Our Mission
Shirley and Steve Rees

The Bible has been relegated to dry and dusty irrelevancy and/or become a fluid document shifting to meet the current cultural norms.

The collapse of Biblical moral values, the disintegration of the family unit, and the loss of integrity are all products of a society in which the Word of God has ceased being a standard for life.

Harp and Story — The Peregrinnatti, our mission is to bring Scripture to life and relevancy. Music is what feelings sound like. The harp expresses the emotion of the story planting life truths deep in the spirit.

Our prayer is that the truths we express in music and story telling grow and produce much good fruit to the Glory of the Kingdom of YHVH.

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We appreciate those that are willing to share our ministry with others. Here is a flyer that you can use to announce any of our upcoming events. To save the image, right-mouse-click and select “Save Image As”. You can then pull the image into any program and add the details for your event in the space provided.

Steve & Shirley Rees of the Peregrinnatti