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These are five stories all based on one day in the life of Yashua/Jesus taken from the book of Matthew chapters 8 and 9.  Yashua and His disciples sail across the Galilee and meet up with a demon-possessed man whom

It is the season of Hanukkah and the man born blind is begging for his daily bread in the shadows of the mikveh baths outside the southern walls of the temple.  It is cold and his thread-bare cloak doesn’t offer

He had everything, money, position, power, and he wanted one thing more, to be a follower of Yashua/Jesus.  I’m sure, he said, that He can benefit by a man of my wealth, position and power.  And so the rich ruler

Three days previous their beloved Messiah was crucified, nailed to an execution stake and then laid to rest in a tomb that was newly carved into the rock, a tomb in which no one had yet been laid.  Two disciples

Yashua/Jesus was passing through the Galilee and as was always the case a crowd gathered around him.  He led them to a grassy knoll on the side of a hill over-looking the Galilee and there he healed them and delivered

I combined two stories about women for this narrative.  The first part of “A Widow’s Offering” is taken from the story of the widow of Nain whose only son has just died.  She meets Yashua/Jesus as her son is being

In this story the thief had met Yashua/Jesus before he was sentenced to die on an execution stake.  Even though Yashua said nothing to him directly, he was impacted by the living witness of the Son of Man.  This troubling

Did Judas intend to become a betrayer of his Messiah from the very beginning of his walk with Yashua/Jesus or did his own ideas and plans and expectations direct the events that led to the crucifixion of his Lord?  You