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Unleavened Bread 2012

Every once in a while there comes along a period of time that is so spectacular, so wonderful, so amazing that you wish it would never end. The week we spent in the mountains of south-western Colorado during the Feast of Unleavened Bread with 70 like-minded brethren was one of those periods of time. It was phenomenal and we want to share a few highlights with you all!

It’s been two months since Community Week, Colorado and every day we remember with fond sweetness the echad of brotherly and sisterly love and feasting we shared. Even though this report is quite belated, please enjoy the pictures and vignettes that follow.
Steve and Shirley Rees
The Peregrinnatti

An Acts Chapter 2 Gathering

Community Week, Colorado 

Families from Washington, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas and Wisconsin gathered together to spend the appointed feast of Unleavened Bread with YHVH. YHVH says in Lev 23:2; “These are the appointed feasts of the LORD that you shall proclaim as holy convocations; they are my appointed feasts.” YHVH has made a specific appointment to meet with us during this specific time and meet with us He certainly did!

“Is YHVH able to supply my needs?”

By 1st day evening the 3-door commercial refrigerator was full to over-flowing with perishable items; the pantry was stuffed with all manner of good things and boxes of produce and bags of grains and legumes were lined up along the floor and stacked on the counters; we were ready for a week of feasting! As the week progressed I took note of a truly wonderfully, amazing thing happening; the food supply kept growing.Kitchen fun! Every time I looked in the kitchen the refrigerator was still full, the pantry was still packed, the boxes and bags still lined the floor and counters. I asked during breakfast one morning about half way through the week, “is everyone getting enough to eat?”   “Yes,” came back the joyous reply, “well, with all of us eating three meals a day, the refrigerator is still loaded and the pantry is still stuffed, I think The Father is increasing our food supply,” I answered back. “Just like the loaves and the fishes,” someone shouted. When the end of this glorious week came we put all the remaining food stuffs out on the dining room tables and had a food give-away. “Wow, I’m almost taking home more food than I brought,” several said. One of the questions from Steve’s talks about the tests of the wilderness was, “Is YHVH able to supply my needs?” The answer from the Community Week, Colorado crowd is a resounding, “YES!”

“Does YHVH even know that I am here?”

We began our days with early morning prayer followed by an extended time of Tabernacle of David worship. As we joined together to lift our praises and adoration to our Creator, the weightiness of His presence rested upon us. How can I describe to you the beauty and the majesty of YHVH dwelling among us? He spoke to our minds and we were changed, He touched our hearts and turned our hard heartedness to flesh, He took individuals and made us one in Him. We truly became a community of living stones, built up for the encouragement, edification and exhortation of the body of Y’Shua! The second question in Steve’s talks from the tests of the wilderness, “Does YHVH even know that I am here?”

Community Week, Colorado can answer, “YES!”

 “Am I willing to do it YHVH’s way?”  

  We had a daily schedule with all manner of good talks and activities planned, but another of the questions from Steve’s talks on the tests of the wilderness was,

“Am I willing to do it YHVH’s way?”

It was a good thing that on the daily schedule it said, This Schedule is Subject to Change, for several times our good, kind, loving and compassionate Heavenly Father wanted to linger longer with us during worship.

Psalm 81:13, 16 says; Oh, that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways! He has fed us also with the finest of the wheat; and with honey out of the rock has he satisfied us. As we increasingly enjoyed the bountiful feast The Father continued to lay out for us, we began coming to the realization that this wasn’t a conference or a seminar, but a gathering of people coming together as an Acts chapter 2 body of believers.

Act 2:42-47 And they continued steadfastly in the teaching, of the apostles and they took part in prayer and in the breaking of bread. And fear came upon every soul: and many miracles and wonders were done by the apostles in Jerusalem. And all believers were together, and had all things in common; and those who had possessions sold them and divided to each man according to his need. And they went to the temple every day with one accord; and at home they broke bread, and they received food with joy and with a pure heart, praising God, and finding favor with all the people. And our LORD daily increased the congregation of the church.

We had some that arrived at camp with car trouble and some that spent all their money coming to camp and weren’t sure how they were going to afford the trip home, but had come anyway because they believed that YHVH had directed them to come; and when our time at camp came to an end the engine trouble had been repaired, and needed funds were in hand for the return trips home. The week was a wonderful experience of living Acts chapter 2! Doing our life HIS Way!! Kids playing together, families interacting, making new friends, the joy and delight in youthful eyes as young ones grabbed your hand and led you to some pleasurable discovery; we didn’t want it to end, there is something about ‘doing it YHVH’s way’ that is immensely satisfying and rewarding!

Marriage Supper of the Lamb 

And the last question of Steve’s talks on the tests of the wilderness was, “Am I willing to seek YHVH’s face – come into relationship with Him – vs. only seeking His hand or just wanting the “stuff” from Him?” From the book, The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage, Maurice Lamm notes that in Jewish weddings the couple enters into a 3-way covenant; the bride, the groom and YHVH. But by far the typical example of a Christian wedding is that God is invited to the wedding to clap and cheer the newly married couple on. Whereas when YHVH is actively brought into the marriage covenant the command, what God has brought together let no man separate, is a scared and binding trust that Y’Shua said could only be broken through adultery and/or immorality. Erev Shabbat was a night for couples to renew their marriage vows as a 3-way covenant and for singles to make and/or remake a covenant vow with YHVH to walk in His ways. Twelve chairs were set up for the brides at one end of the hall and their grooms were at the family Shabbat table busy filling in a Ketubah / marriage contract to present to their bride. Children and friends gathered around the chairs of each woman, all of them eagerly awaiting the coming of their bridegroom. One by one the men came to their bride; they knelt and with a “will you marry me all over again” they offered the Ketubah to their bride. The children and friends were pressing forward with eager anticipation to hear their mother’s and/or friend’s response; heartfelt and many with tears responded, “YES!” At every “yes,” the group erupted in cheers and clapping. The ring was then put back on the finger, the cup of wine was offered and they both drank; then the man led his family back to their Shabbat table. After dinner we had a Selah Service during which time couples were invited to go into the hadar, the place of “yichud” symbolic of consummation of the marriage as a three-way covenant. It was glorious     to see couple after couple emerge from their short time in the hadar with faces aglow, love lighting up their eyes and countenances. Awesome! Words fail to describe how beautiful that night was!

The time to leave came all too soon.  We woke up on the day of our departure to a landscape covered in snow.  As we gazed upon this beauty YHVH spoke a blessing to us; “You were faithful getting the leaven out of your homes and you have been faithful getting the leaven out of your lives; you are white like snow in My sight.”

So much, so much more, but this is already long enough. YHVH wants an intimate relationship with each one of us; He is so ready to meet with us if we will only come to Him. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, right now, just Come!

Rev 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

Community Week Gatherings!

 Sukkot  –  September 30 – October 9

Lake Tahoe – Northern California

We are teaming up with the McHenry’s of Reno, NV.

Plan to join us for another of YHVH’s appointed feasts!

More information coming shortly.

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