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Faith in Faith vs. Faith in YHVH (God)

There is an interesting verse of scripture in John 2:24 and 25, “But Y’Shua did not entrust himself to them, because he understood every man.  And he needed no man to testify to him concerning any man; for he knew well what was in man.” John 3:16 and 17 tells us that YHVH so loved the world that He gave His only son Y’Shua so that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.  For YHVH did not send His Son into the world, to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. “Y’Shua’s assignment from His Father, YHVH, was to offer salvation to the world.  A pretty tall order if you ask me, but one He did perfectly. How was He able to finish His assignment without falling victim to bitterness, envy, strife, jealousy, resentment, rejection, etc?  And we can’t answer that question with, He was God, somehow immune; we must remember that He was in all things tempted as we are.

In our travels we have conversations with a lot of people, and sometimes in those conversations things are promised and pledges are made.  Did Y’Shua struggle with people saying one thing and then doing another?  I would like to submit to you that He did not and I say this because of what was recorded about Him in John 2:24, He entrusted Himself to no man for He well knew what was in man.  Jeremiah tells us that the heart of man is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things, who can know it. So where did Y’Shua put His trust?  Certainly not in man for man is not trustworthy as testified by the prophet Jeremiah.  When we entrust ourselves to man or put our faith in faith we are looking to man to meet our expectations, hopes and dreams.  When man doesn’t come through what does that unmet expectation do to our heart?  Does it breed resentment? Are we discouraged, depressed, despondent? Do we succumb to rejection, bitterness, or hatred? Do we break fellowship with them or avoid or ignore them?  Have the fiery arrows of hasatan done their dirty work in us to the point where the world no longer knows we are His disciples by the love we have for one another?

Y’Shua did not entrust Himself to man because His assignment was not to condemn the world, but to save the world.  He accomplished His mission because His trust/faith was in YHVH (God), His Father, not in man. He knew man would let Him down and He also understood how the enemy of the brethren works to derail the purposes of YHVH, through heartaches and hardships.  Y’Shua could not afford to let hasatan veer Him off His course, His eyes, heart and mind had to stay focused on His Father.  Many times in the Gospel of John He says that He speaks what the Father gives Him to speak; John 14:10, “Do you not believe that I am with my Father and my Father is with me?  the words that I speak, I do not speak of myself; but my Father who abides with me, he does these works.”  Over and over Y’Shua is demonstrating that to be a part of the fulfillment of Matthew 28:19 and 20 we must learn to put our faith in YHVH not in man.  When my faith/trust is in YHVH I look to Him for the things that I need to fulfill the task He has given me to do.  I am not waiting, hoping, praying for man to fulfill my expectations and then get upset with him when he doesn’t or blame him for my lack or failure to complete an assignment.  Man doesn’t own the cattle on a thousand hills, man’s resources are not limitless, only YHVH’s are.  Looking to man is a ploy of the enemy, don’t fall into hasatan’s trap, keep your eyes on YHVH and trust yourself into His care and He will take care of you.  He does not change, He is absolute, you can count on Him to see you through.  As Y’Shua said, “Come unto Me all you that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”  We must shift our focus if we expect to get through these hard times that are upon us.