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Steve’s Harp Music CD’s

This CD album is the result of researching the physiological effects of various frequencies for healing and wellbeing. I have been encouraged by Dr. Leonard Horowitz through his published work in this area to offer a recording using the 528 “Mi” frequency as the basis for the compositions you are about to hear. The chord progressions come out of the Psalms of David using Hebrew letter to frequency relationships that are established out of Psalm 119. I believe that these frequencies may have been a way that our Heavenly Father was and is trying to help us live in health, restoration and prosperity. These frequencies could very possibly be the “Key of David” that Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7 talk about. May these “Keys” change your life! Blessings.


Psalms of Aliyah

  1. 120 – I Cried Out
  2. 121 – I Lift My Eyes
  3. 122 – The Peace of Jerusalem
  4. 123 – I Look to You
  5. 124 – Like a Bird
  6. 125 – Mount Zion
  7. 126 – The Dream
  8. 127 – Solomon’s Temple
  9. 128 – Fruitful Vine
  10. 129 – The Blessing
  11. 130 – Waiting for the Dawn
  12. 131 – Resting on You
  13. 132 – The Promise
  14. 133 – Precious Oil
  15. 134 – High Praise

Listen to a sample.

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This album is dedicated to the birth of our Messiah, Y’Shua who did come to earth as a baby born during the Feast of Sukkot in Bethlehem. He stepped down from His position of Sustainer of the Universe to manifest as a helpless babe and then allowed Himself to be placed on a stake, paying the ultimate price for our redemption.  Personally, I think these songs celebrating His birth and life among us should be sung year round!
Enjoy these inspiring traditional songs about this exceptional event that changed history for all human kind. I now humbly invite you to experience the music of my harp, for reflection, enjoyment and most of all His SHALOM!

I have recorded this CD in 528 hz frequency which also offers a degree of healing, restoration, and peace that harmonizes with the “Prince of Peace” our Creator of the Universe. It is my prayer that this music will be a blessing to you.

As an added bonus please enjoy The Shepherd’s Story, written and told by my wife, Shirley.

Festival of His Birth
  1. Joy to the World
  2. What Child is This
  3. Angels We Have Hear
  4. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
  5. Come Long Expected One
  6. Oh Come Emmanuel
  7. Silent Night
  8. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
  9. We Three Kings
  10. David’s Royal City
  11. Still Night (Celtic)
  12. Away in a Manger
  13. Shine the Light
  14. The Shepherd’s Story by Shirley

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The name for my newest album, ‘Illuminations,’ comes from Psalms: “How praiseworthy is the people who know the sound of the shofar and who are illuminated and walk by the countenance of Hashem. In His name they rejoice all day long and through His righteousness they are exalted.” Psalms 89:15-16. 

In Hebrew ‘Illuminated’ is “b’or”.

 You may listen to a sample of this album by clicking on the link below.

 The idea of observing reality in the light of the Father’s presence, in His creation, and in His word, set my imagination in gear.  I began to think of the different imagery connected with the music that I felt inspired to write.

 It is my prayer that as you listen to the sounds coming forth from the harp that you will be inspired to see with your mind and heart the various ways that the Father shines His light into our lives.


  1. The River
  2. Mountain Paths
  3. Evening Comes
  4. Celtic Nights
  5. Path through the Sea
  6. The Shelter of Your Wings
  7. Green Pastures
  8. Meadow Dance
  9. Kingdom Restored
  10. The Journey
  11. Streaming Light

Listen to a sample.

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This CD is the first I recorded back in 2001. At the time I was still practicing in my profession as a Registered Nurse and I would take my harp into the hospital and play at the bedside and experience many stories of healing from the music. As this continued to develop, people started asking me if there was something they could take home and share. A friend of mine told me he knew another fellow that had a recording studio, so after a few phone calls and miles driven, we were in front of a mike to produce this CD. This is an eclectic collection of various music that I was playing at the time, much of it that was requested by my listeners. I hope you will be blessed by these pieces and my prayer is for you to experience healing of your mind, body and spirit as so many have attested to. Shalom
Healing Harp
  1. Holy of Holies
  2. He is the Way
  3. If the Son Sets You Free
  4. He Will Reign Forever
  5. Worship Him
  6. Smokey Mountain Tune
  7. Turn Your Eyes
  8. Holy Ground
  9. Minstrel Boy
  10. Simple Gifts
  11. Fiddle Tune
  12. Greensleeves
  13. Foggy Dew
  14. All Creatures of our God
  15. Still Night
  16. It is Well With My Soul
  17. As the Deer
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Shipping:  $2

13 thoughts on “Steve’s Harp Music CD’s”

  1. We often have Steve’s beautiful music playing in the background at home, it brings shalom to our household. Thank you YHWH for blessing Steve and Shirley with these talents, which bless our family. Shalom B’Yeshua


  2. Hi Steve. We are in Australia and We want to order Psalms of Aliyah – CD We are not able to send an email in order to get a quote for the delivery of the cd. I would appreciate your answer asap.


  3. Tell me about the MP player. It said with power clips. Does that mean the music that is on the various CD’s is loaded on the MP player?? I would like to have the CD’s loaded on the MP player so I can carry it with me. I don’t always have access to a CD player.
    Lana Hardeman


    1. The MP3 Player comes with the Shalom Power Clip CD preloaded – If you want to donate for other CDs, I could put them on for you as well, just let me know what you would like to do. Blessings


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