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The Widow’s Offering

I combined two stories about women for this narrative.  The first part of “A Widow’s Offering” is taken from the story of the widow of Nain whose only son has just died.  She meets Yashua/Jesus as her son is being carried outside the city for burial.  Her grief is great for she knows what awaits now that her only kin is dead.  Yashua stops the funeral procession and raises her son back to life – giving her back her son.  The story then switches to the widow who put her two small coins in the temple offering.  Yashua was watching and made the comment that she had put in the offering more than anyone else because she gave out of her lack all that she had, whereas the others were giving out of their abundance.  She gave all that she had because she had been given what matter most, her life. Hers was an offering of thanks for the restoration of her son and for giving her back her life.  Thank Yashua for your life today why don’t you.  He does have a plan and a purpose for you even if it doesn’t seem like it at this moment.  Thank Him anyway.

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