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Travel Journal 2018 — May 9

When we were riding along the Tanglefoot Trail the other day everyone we met said we needed to go south from Pontotoc on the trail; it is the prettier and more shady direction and be sure and stop in at the Algoma Country Store. So we went out today and rode south on the trail for a total distance of 20 miles.  Whoo haw!


We did stop at the Algoma Country Store; the picture posted at the head of this post sits on the store’s lunch counter. We had missed the lunch rush, so the fresh food was already scarfed up, but we did bend our diet somewhat (actually a lot what!) and munched on some fried okra (which Steve just doesn’t understand its appeal at all!!), onion rings, jalapeno poppers and chicken flautas. Greg, the owner, came over to our table and sat and talked while we munched. What an interesting fellow! He was a bull  and bare-back rodeo star in his younger days — traveling all over the country doing what he loved and working real hard to make money at what he loved doing. In the off-season he worked with another fellow repairing churches. He told a story about a church in Oklahoma where  a pastor was searching for a way to get it usable so he could have a place to begin worship services. He and his friend made a deal with the pastor to go fix up this church. When they got there they immediately saw that the church was in far worse condition than they had anticipated, but they got to work anyway; replacing broken windows, installing doors, siding, paint, flooring, pretty much making the church over. One hot afternoon the pastor came to the church and found Greg sitting under the tailgate of his pick-up truck in the only bit of shade to be found taking a break from the intense heat of the day. The pastor joined Greg under the tailgate and after a bit of casual chit chat asked Greg, “why are you doing this?” Greg replied, “For one Indian child to know their God, that they are loved beyond measure; none of this,” he said sweeping his arms in a wide arc,  “compares to that one child.”20180509_135019



John 10:27-28, “My sheep know my voice, and I know them. They follow me, and I give them eternal life, so that they will never be lost. No one can sthumbnail (7)natch them out of my hand.”

I just love living in the NOW!

Instead of rushing, rushing, here and there, take a little time to meet some awesome people and see, hear, touch, taste some beautiful things!

Abundant Blessings for your journey!


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    Cathy Murray

    We just adore you guys!!!
    So happy to receive this newsletter, Don & I have been thinking of you… wondering where are y’all now. Praying for Abba’s Blessings to shower you both with His Love.
    Shalom Mishpacha,
    Cathy & Don

    May 10, 2018

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